Indonesia's Kevin Lilliana wins Miss International 2017

Last year, Indonesia’s representative Felicia Hwang won third place in the Tokyo-based beauty pageant, and also received the Miss Best Dresser award.

Crowned by Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa of the Philippines, Kevin beat a total of 68 candidates at the event, including first runner-up Chanelle Wilhelmina Maria of Curacao, second runner-up Diana Macarena Croce Garcia from Venezuela, third runner-up Amber Dew of Australia and fourth runner-up Natsuki Tsutsui from Japan.

Indonesia’s Kevin Liliana, who was named Miss International 2017, transformed into an elegant jamu gendong (traditional herbal drink) seller during the pageant’s national costume show at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Japan, on Tuesday.

The purple costume, called "Mbok Jamu Gendong and the Ancient Secret Potion," was created by Indonesian designer Annisa Febby.

Kevin also wore a batik called Dilem Sempleh, which is a rare flower-motif fabric from Banyuwangi in East Java. “This costume features the philosophy of elegance and beauty,” Annisa told

The costume also came with with a small bucket, a basket filled with jamu bottles and a caping (traditional hat) -- all purple in color.

One of the bottles was filled with real jamu. “There are eight bottles in total, but only one filled [with jamu] so that it won't be too heavy,” Annisa explained.

Aside from the national costume session, the pageant also featured swimsuit and evening gown shows. Kevin’s dress for the evening gown, designed by Ivan Gunawan and named "Thalasa: Mother of Sea," also helped her win the "Miss Best Dresser 2017" title on Tuesday.

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